A dog's life, painting

We all have different things which inspires us in life, some times they are big events other times we may read, experience or see something, which gives us inspiration.  I am inspired by many things; such as, animals, ambient light, colors in nature which are in constant flux.  

A dog's life, was inspired because one of the public works I created in 2010 was vandalized in 2012 and again this year.  Instead of creating the same work, I decided to create a new even bigger painting on Un-stretched canvas.  For the past month I have been working outside since the first painting was made outside in the City of Rochester, NY.  The new painting captures the key essence of the first one, the joy of playing outside, surrounded by nature and the singing of birds, bees and the lush environment the colors and energy influenced my new artwork.



Source: http://youtu.be/VSUvoLaPKgk