Yolanda Daliz - Menagerie

 A warm summer atmosphere of colors, domestic and exotic animals, and the imaginary world of my artwork  invaded the Lower Link Gallery.   Adults and teens were chatting, playing chess, reading and working on their tablets.    I came with a car loaded of canvases and sculptures hidden in totes to protect them from the brutal elements and was greeted by an attentive staff, which unpacked my work within an hour.   I love exhibiting in public spaces; it makes art available to a wide spectrum of spectators.  I felt joy seeing people delight at my capricious sculptures and luscious paintings, they shook my hand and thank me for “making their day”.   My thanks to the great staff of the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County for letting me share my artwork.



DSC07201 copy.JPG

Lower Link Gallery

Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County

115  South Ave.

Rochester, NY 14604

(585) 428-8053

All works are for sale, contact artist at, ydaliz006@gmail.com

Source: http://www3.libraryweb.org